About us Established in 2012 to promote basic education for less fortunate kids in Hong Kong. She Shu Yi is the beloved late mother of the founder, and an inspirational teacher and an exquisite lady. We are a recognized charity under Section 88 of HK IRO

Our belief Basic education is more than just going to school. Life experiences and lessons that shapes and defines us matters. Less fortunate have little access to such luxuries we take for granted. Change was needed and our 2 programs were born

100% policy All your contribution go to those in need. Directors cover all admin costs. Zero hierarchy and bureaucracy. No political or religious affiliations. We keep it simple to get important things done

Basic tech initiative

Covid-19 lock-down exposed:

(1) importance and necessity of e-learning access
(2) inability of the less fortunate to do so without basic tech

We collaborate with like minded NGOs to identify and distribute basic tech to those in need. A brand new laptop and tablet is ~ HK$1,300 and HK$700 each

What can you do Bestow so we can do the above

Project infinity program

We work with schools to bring kids to different places in HK to met with business owners and professionals. By taking kids out of their usual surroundings and comfort zones, the program helps to:

• broaden horizons • build confidence • engage curiosity • gain valuable experience and lessons • improve communication and social skills

Give time • We are always looking for new partners that’s eager to share their time & life experience with the less fortunate kids through. Guaranteed time well spend for all

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Our People Simon Chang. Director and father of the founder. Simon is a retired businessman in his 80s, and a treasure trove of life stories that never ceases to amaze. Deanna Wong. Director. Deanna has been recognised as one of the leading 250 global women in IP. After spearheading the Greater China IP Practice of the international law firm Hogan Lovells, She founded Delab HK. Eric Chang. Founder and Director. A seasoned finance professional with 15 years of experience. He completed five 250km ultras across the globe


100% of your contribution will go towards our programs for the less fortunate kids

Contact us: eric@shenshuyi.org


Transfer through FPS using my mobile # Only for people that know me


Payble to Shen Shu Yi Foundation Limited Please email for postal address

Bank Transfer

ICBC (Asia) Limited Account # 861 503909517 Shen Shu Yi Foundation Limited


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Shen Shu Yi Foundation is a recognized charitable institution under Section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance. Donations of HK$100 or more may apply for tax-deduction

母与子 28 October 2020

Script writing by Simon Chang in honor of Shen Shu Yi.